Flavoured Yoghurt

We have six flavours in our yoghurt range – natural, strawberry, raspberry, mandarin, black cherry and rhubarb and they are available in sizes ranging from 10kg to 115g pots.

It’s quite common, when you look through the ingredients list of more commercial flavoured yogurts, to find ingredients like maize starch and/or artificial flavourings and sweeteners. From the outset, we wanted to make dairy products that are 100% natural, so when you look at our ingredients lists, you’ll only find milk, fruit, sugar and natural flavours. We believe that this approach results in a fresh, clean and full-flavoured product that is naturally thick and creamy, with none of the unpleasant after-taste that can come from artificial additives. 

Our dairy products using local milk and cream are a big hit, as far as natural yoghurt is concerned, strawberry is our most popular flavour, although vanilla is extremely popular with students. Our range of delicious yoghurts have won Great Taste Awards in 2008: 

o   Natural (2 Gold Stars),

o   Strawberry (1 Gold Star)

o   Raspberry (1 Gold Star)

In the same year we claimed a clean sweep of Gold, Silver and Bronze at the Nantwich Cheese Show (the largest cheese show in the world, apparently) with our strawberry, raspberry and mandarin natural yoghurts respectively.

Vanilla Flavour

Black Cherry Flavour

Mandarin Flavour

Raspberry Flavour

Rhubarb Flavour

Strawberry Flavour